STELLA environmental status

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Current conditions outdoors   Current conditions indoors
Temperature 7.76 °C  TemperatureHumidity
Humidity 35.99 %  Spectrograph room 21.94°C 35.19 %
Pressure 772.7 hPa  Electronics room 19.21°C 35.51 %
Peak wind speed 4.9 m/s  Telescope bay 7.09 °C 39.99 %
Wind speed 5.44 m/s  Optical bench 19.8 °C 
Wind direction 334.49 °  Lounge 12.21 °C 
Solar z -30.16 °  Optical lab 10.5 °C 
Brightness 1.8 Lux  Oil reservoir 1 17.63 °C 
Rain 0  Oil reservoir 2 15.92 °C 
Dust 0.0027 m-3  

Last environment data entry: 2024-05-25 22:43:41


Observations of last night


The latest measurements can be downloaded in text format using this page. This lists all sensors in coma seperated format (csv), in the following order: Date, bay temperature, spectrograph temperature, electronics room temperature, optical bench temperature, outside temperature, bay humidity, spectrograph humidity, electronics room humidity, outside humidity, solar height, pressure, wind speed, peak windspeed, wind direction, windspeed insdide the bay, brightness, rain, weather good?, dust, Living room temperature, laboratory temperature, oiltemperature telescope 1, oil temperature telescope 2.
If the observing conditions are deemed good, values marked as green, otherwise as red. The rain sensor reads 0 for no rain, 2 for constant rain detection on both sensors, values in between for mixed conditions. The newest webcam image is shown in the top left position, new images are taken a few minutes before and after opening/closing, about one hour before sunset, one hour after sunrise, and at noon.
m/weber Oct 2002, last update June 21 2012.