Service Logbook

Date Action
2019-10-14 SES shutter & calibration unit connected to serial3, serial2 removed
2019-10-13 STELLA-2 agunit connected to local network (gige2,guider2,serial2)
2019-10-13 new local network switch (Gbit)
2019-10-13 new sky computer, oldsky still online, setup of new archive/wifsip
2019-10-12 STELLA-1 old adapter disconnected (but aux1 still online)
2019-10-11 Gbit switch connected in lounge, cables cleaned up
2019-10-11 New STELLA-2 cable, but no change: module is broken
2019-09-30 WiFSIP CCD pumped Miguel/IAC
2019-05-13 WiFSIP CCD pumped
2019-05-14 Mirror cover drives STELLA1 lubricated
2019-05-13 Mirror cover hinches & drives STELLA2 repaired & lubricated
2019-05-11 Updated STELLA2-rackpc ntp startup script with ntpdate command, created hwclock command & updated hwclock
2019-05-10 STELLA2-archive network cable exchanged
2019-05-10 new fiber network cable to STELLA2, connected as second uplink
2019-05-10 New bearings in most (exept most outward) roof guide wheels
2019-05-09 STELLA1 & STELLA2 hydraulic oil change, oil filter change
2019-05-08 Tightened roof wheels to specs (130Nm), drilled access holes for roof wheels where necessary
2019-02-26 ASIVA lenses cleaned, taped temp-sensors cable.
2019-02-26 Halo2 lamp changed
2019-02-25 STELLA2 extraction pump exchanged phases (ran wrong way), cleaned up oil spill
2019-02-15 STELLA2 pump motor-cable changed to shielded (2 short pieces)
2019-02-14 STELLA2 pump motor-cable changed to shielded (long piece)
2019-02-14 STELLA1 M1/M3 cleaned
2019-02-12 STELLA2 M1 cleaned
2019-02-12 topped up Cryotiger 7, replaced WiFSIP external filter unit & female/female coupler
2019-02-12 connected Cryotiger #7 (S/N 1511CHE11116) to WIFSIP (instead of #6), recharged 6 and put in storage
2019-02-11 STELLA1-focus-drive cleaned & lubricated
2019-02-11 STELLA1 short pump motor-cable changed to shielded
2019-02-11 connected Cryotiger #6 instead of 3, trashed 3
2019-02-09 re-connected dust sensor after repair
2019-02-08 WiFSIP new 15m flex hoses, pulled electric cables a bit through, filled gas, connected Cryotiger 3
2018-11-27 mittlere Längsführungsrollen kontrolliert & nachgezogen
2018-11-27 STELLA-1 pump motor-cable changed to shielded (but not the last 1m at the pump)
2018-11-26 vacuum WiFSIP
2018-11-26 fuse at ASIVA turned on again
2018-11-26 halo2 moved back a bit (same position as halo1)
2018-11-26 thar1 lamp changed new HHL1055 (old HHL0229)
2018-10-30 ses PE connections changed
2018-10-30 new version roof control software
2018-10-29 roof serviced (new limit switch positions; longitudinal guide rolls secured & adjusted)
2018-10-28 softstarter statt motor relays in stella1 & 2 racks
2018-10-25 Dehumidifier connected
2018-10-25 WiFSIP CCD changed to new STA 4150A
2018-10-25 io3 & io1 moved to calibration switch (io5)
2018-10-25 STELLA roof control changed to individual limit switches
2018-06-01 Power supply for io1 & io2 replaced
2018-04-13 STELLA1 and STELLA2 level adjusted
2018-04-13 big A/C filter cleaned
2018-04-12 STELLA2 alt K80 changed to 1000 (was 2000 or 3000)
2018-04-11 roof drive gear oil changed
2018-04-11 ASIVA drive installed & started
2018-01-22 STELLA-1 replaced ETEL Az / Rob-X20 controller with Spare-Az
2018-01-22 STELLA-1 replaced ETEL Az controller with Rob-X20 & power supply
2017-10-14 removed ASIVA roof drive
2017-07-11 removed ASIVA roof drive
2017-07-11 refilled Cryotiger #4 (complete system refill, 225psi)
2017-07-11 WiFSIP new cryotiger hoses (just the two 15m hoses)
2017-07-11 WiFSIP vacuum
2017-05-11 SES vacuum
2017-04-07 WiFSIP vacuum
2017-04-07 ThAr2 Nr HLA1422 in (B68776 out)
2017-04-06 Baycam ethernet via Beckoff 100Mbit fiber switch, power via roof control
2017-04-06 Old-AGunit (STELLA-1, fiber feed) now power from PDU3 (auxiliary1 is powered via thus unit)
2017-04-06 New roof control, Beckhoff, weather station electronics
2017-01-09 switch SES calibration from ThAr2 to ThAr1
2016-12-22 ASIVA chain gear fixed
2016-12-20 SES & CCD with new CF-Cards.
2016-12-20 1Gbit uplink
2016-12-20 WiFSIP vacuum
2016-12-19 New firewall hardware, upgraded to leaf-Bering v6
2016-12-17 Debian 8 on sky, archive, wifsip
2016-12-17 Debian 8 on sky, archive, wifsip
2016-08-02 ASIVA cleaned & calibration run
2016-08-01 ASIVA chain gear fixed
2016-08-01 WiFSIP pressure gauge changed & pumped
2016-07-31 Weatherstation 2 - new brightness & additional rain2trigger sensors
2016-07-30 new WiFSIP network-fibre connection Gbit
2016-07-09 STELLA-1 M1 cleaned
2016-07-08 Halo1 & Halo2 changed (Daniel)
2016-07-07 STELLA-1 derotator controller exchanged
2015-08-19 changed ThAr1 (new Photon HHL0529, old HHL0530)
2015-08-17 pumped & baked WiFSIP dewar
2015-08-17 cleaned ASIVA lens, put seals to ASIVA rack, fixed gearbox, fixed sky computer
2015-08-17 cleaned M1 STELLA2
2015-08-17 modified roof control for manual control
2015-08-16 exchanged roof control modules 0C, 0E after lightning
2015-08-16 connected STELLA2 AG-unit via Gbit fiber directly to central ethernet switch
2015-08-16 replaced Cryotiger SES (Cryotiger #2) with new Cryotiger #5 (S/N L12432555), pressure before connecting 255psi, after connecting 235psi
2015-08-15 old pressure sensor back to SES, new seal, cleaned seal, pumped & baked SES dewar
2015-08-14 electrical power distribution cleaned up, new PDU4, new fuses
2015-08-13 connected Cryotiger #4 again (instead of #3)
2015-08-13 re-connected Filter unit, swapped hoses back to normal orientation, new pressure 220psi
2015-08-13 purged the WiFSIP cold head with ISO-Propanol
2015-07-28 ThAr1 lamp defect, changed to ThAr2
2015-07-08 Rebooted STELLA1-tcc because landolt stars looked like donuts
2015-06-24 pumped SES
2015-06-24 pumped WiFSIP
2015-06-24 replaced SES-CCD pressure sensor & replaced signal cable. Old sensor in spare parts cabinet
2015-06-24 removed filter unit on WiFSIP Cryosystem, switched supply/return on Cryotiger side
2015-06-23 replaced 1wire calib switches with moxa-io switch, also on this device telescope 1 & 2 rack reset, lamp control
2015-06-23 attached Cryotiger #3, refilled Cryotiger #4, filter unit,15m hoses, moved WiFSIP Cryotiger to E-room, added 5m hoses as extensions
2015-06-23 fixed network issue on STELLA1-aux guider cam, new replacement board in cupboard
2015-05-06 temporarily fixed broken ASIVA hatch mechanism
2015-05-06 replaced WiFSIP Cryotiger #4 (70psi) & hoses & filter with spares (Cryotiger #3, > 200psi)
2015-04-08 SES pumped remotely
2015-02-23 Pfeiffer vacuum pump attached to SES permanently, and remote controlled
2015-02-21 ThAr2 Nr B68776 in ( B00876 out)
2015-02-19 STELLA2 guider gige1 (instead of firewire cam)
2014-07-02 WiFSIP shutter/off-axis guider problems, reboots and resets of WiFSIP instrument and computer on July 2 & 3
2014-06-20 SES CCD vacuum pumped - IAC/Ignacio
2014-06-18 new UPS installed (Newave Upscale) - IAC
2014-05-12 (electronics room) A/C repaired
2014-05-11 STELLA-2 M1 cleaned reflectivity was 77/77/75/64, is 89/89/86/74
2014-05-10 STELLA-1 CCD centred a bit better, M2 aligned (less Coma)
2014-05-10 STELLA-1 M1, M2 and M3 cleaned, reflectivity was 75/69/71/69, 91/89/88/76, 83/82/81/68, is (M1,2,3) 82/86/88/81, 91/91/89/77, 95/95/93/80
2014-05-09 VdN lightmeter cleaned
2014-05-09 ASIVA lenses cleaned
2014-05-09 ASIVA new chains in the hatch drive transmission
2014-05-09 Weatherstation 2 new T/H sensor, new analog Rain sensor
2014-05-08 SES readout window changed
2014-05-06 STELLA2 corrector cleaned
2014-05-06 SES pinhole change to 200mu
2014-05-06 SES dewar vacuum gepumpt
2014-05-06 SES slicer installed
2013-12-17 WiFSIP dewar vacuum gepumpt
2013-12-17 SES dewar vacuum gepumpt
2013-12-17 ThAr1 exchange S/N HHL0530 in, S/N B00863 out
2013-12-16 Dust monitor cleaned, filter changed, heater changed, fan changed, checked calibration.
2013-12-02 ThAr1 lamp defect, changed to ThAr2
2013-08-15 SES vacuum
2013-08-15 New CCD control computers (BOX PCs) with dedicated redundant DC power supplies
2013-08-15 WiFSIP dewar v2 installed, 2-channel CCD
2013-07-19 SES magellan controller new software version
2017-07-16 SES magellan controller new software version with communication problems -> useless images
2013-04-17 Using Halo-2 for flatfielding now
2013-03-03 SES dewar vacuum gepumpt
2013-03-03 Cryotiger #2 (SES) 210 psi
2013-03-02 SES shutter vom Tisch isoliert, shutterprogram geändert (ohne xma/xmd)
2013-03-02 STELLA1: M1 and M3 cleaned: reflectivity was 53/49/51/48, 64/64/61/51, is (M1,2,3) 83/87/89/80, 91/91/89/76, 95/95/93/80
2013-03-01 calibration: Halo-lighhtbulb-positions moved away from fiber (to dim the light)
2013-03-01 STELLA2 tube balanced
2013-03-01 STELLA2-auxiliary mechanical alt-offset (1.5mm sheet metal on top feet)
2013-03-01 STELLA2: M1 cleaned: reflectivity (BGRIr) was 60/59/55/47, is 89/89/87/75
2013-03-01 SES: new fiber
2013-02-08 IPMI card connected to 192.168.1. network
2013-02-07 STELLA-1 parameters changed (K87) to decrease noise in SES CCD
2013-02-06 Temperature sensores lounge, lab installed and hooked into env database
2013-02-05 air condition filters cleaned (all 3 units)
2013-02-04 New Cryotiger #5 (S/N L12432555) in storage area
2013-02-04 wifsip disk 5 replaced
2013-02-04 wifsip & archive OS update, IMPI card installation
2013-02-03 sky OS update, IMPI card installation
2013-02-03 sky disk 15 replaced
2013-02-03 SES CCD controller: replaced fiber connected to the dsp board, now fiber exits in the back of the controller
2013-01-07 SES connection to CCD controller lost
2012-12-20 SES Heizung neu, mehr sensoren
2012-12-19 SES CCD format geändert, neuer server mit DATE-OBS
2012-12-19 SES faser ein& auskoppelung neu justiert
2012-12-18 SES dewar vacuum gepumpt
2012-12-17 WiFSIP dewar vacuum gepumpt
2012-12-17 Cryotiger #2 (SES): 210 psi
2012-12-17 Cryotiger #4 (WiFSIP): 200 psi
2012-10-24 11:25 Power meter 243752
2012-10-22 23:50 Power meter 243446
2012-10-22 Webcam2 (VTT) exchanged old Axis 200+ with Axis P1343
2012-10-22 SES exchange Thar2 lamp (new B00876, old B68775)
2012-10-21 heated & pumped SES dewar
2012-10-21 installed optocoupler for SES shutter, now new program on shutter controller
2012-10-21 disconnected rain sensor 2 (repair was not successful)
2012-10-20 STELLA-1 halved P-motor-current drive Parameters (no init possible)
2012-10-19 WiFSIP dewar pumped
2012-10-19 WiFSIP energy-chain split in two parts, cables held in the middle only, at top of chain, hoses enforced and chain stiffened
2012-10-19 Cryotiger #4 refilled (240 psi)
2012-10-19 WiFSIP Cryotiger #3 refilled (235psi), with new hoses, filter and head refilled, pressure ca 220 psi
2012-08-30 SES shutter masse Leitungen verändert
2012-08-29 SES dewar neues Fenster/Feldlinse, vacuum
2012-06-06 WiFSIP dewar gepumpt
2012-06-06 SES neue optische & CCD camera
2012-06-06 SES neu justiert
2012-03-19 STELLA-2 rack Batterie gewechselt
2012-03-19 STELLA-1 neue Pollerverlängerungen
2012-03-19 STELLA-1 Strom-P-wert von 600 auf 400
2012-03-17 STELLA-1 derotator fixed holder limit-switch rocker
2012-03-17 vacuum WiFSIP CCD dewar
2012-03-17 WiFSIP computer changed disk 2 (p2)
2012-03-15 Cryotiger #4 190 psi
2012-03-15 WiFSIP repaired energy-chain mounting
2012-03-15 WiFSIP network cable repaired
2012-03-14 STELLA-1 derotator cable repaired (shortened, connector soldered)
2011-12-10 Wifsip neuer Halpha wide filter
2011-12-08 NO-motor hydraulic oil exchanged
2011-12-04 STELLA-1 hydraulic oil exchanged, hydraulic oil filter exchanged
2011-12-03 STELLA-2 hydraulic oil exchanged, hydraulic oil filter exchanged
2011-12-01 ASIVA re-aktiviert
2011-11-30 Windspeed-2 sensor exchanged
2011-09-27 Halo-1 working ?
2011-09-27 removed ASIVA optical camera and sent in for repair
2011-09-27 STELLA-1 M2-Spindel & Führungen gereinigt & geschmiert
2011-09-26 Linear stages AG-unit2 exchanged
2011-09-26 WiFSIP Pilar config changed to M3 mirror default position=2
2011-09-25 WiFSIP slighty changed energy-chain mounting on Az-Ring
2011-09-25 WiFSIP Cryotiger #4 (S/N LO8814101), with hoses, new filter, old (empty) coldhead, pressure 202 psi
2011-09-24 WiFSIP dewar opened, closed, heated & pumped
2011-09-24 wifsip new computer
2011-09-24 ASIVA Lightmeter installed, new computer sky additionally connected via switch
2011-09-23 SES vacuum
2011-08-25 WiFSIP Cryotiger (nr 3?) offline (gas line pressure = 0dpi)
2011-08-18 using Halo-2 now, Halo-1 dead - wooz
2011-07-13 tele2 mediaconverter exchanged (died after a power cut on July 11 2011) - Ignacio
2011-05-21 new pinhole mirror (120 or 100µm)
2011-05-21 ThAr1 lamp exchanged (old S/N B00860, new B00863)
2011-04-28 ThAr1 lamp defect, changed to ThAr2
2011-04-15 Halo1 & Halo2 exchanged. Are now again 20W (but still on external power supplies).
2011-04-15 pinhole pos 335,308
2011-04-15 AGunit-2 new pinhole mirror (140µm), fiber adjusted, new calibration focus (65000), guider cam re-focused, new ADC-wheel offset, new exposure times for calibs
2011-04-14 WiFSIP CCD new pressure meter, fixed videoboard AD-3(C) problem
2010-11-18 AGunit-2 newly adjusted, fiber newly adjusted, new focuspositions etc.
2010-11-16 New PDUs for computers in Rack, new DC supplies in Rack, end of temporary workarounds after portserver died
2010-11-16 STELLA-1 provisorische Streulichtblenden im Tubus
2010-11-12 WiFSIP CCD vacuum (for 3 days)
2010-09-29 Halo-1 lamp exchanged (IAC)
2010-09-27 Using Halo-2 for flatfielding now
2010-09-13 Halo-1 dark
2010-08-21 Auxiliary 1 & 2 cleaned
2010-08-21 ASIVA computer relocated to rack & power from UPS via 1wire switch
2010-08-21 STELLA-1 M3 cleaned
2010-08-21 STELLA-2 M1 cleaned
2010-08-20 STELLA-2 spider aligned
2010-08-19 SES neu justiert (fasereinkopplung, fokus, kollimatorausleuchtung)
2010-08-19 STELLA-2 Niveau korrigiert (war ca. 0.04mm off)
2010-08-19 STELLA-1 Niveau korrigiert (war ca. 0.06mm off)
2010-08-19 STELLA-1 PE-cable to AGunit-1 (old SES AGunit) changed (no connection to Az-ring any more)
2010-08-18 STELLA-1 oil extraction pump relay & motor exchanged
2010-08-18 WiFSIP power now through 1wire switch
2010-08-17 calibration light positions optimized
2010-08-17 Halo1 & Halo2 exchanged. Are now 50W.
2010-05-11 Fibers switched to STELLA-2 (old fibers still in place)
2010-05-11 ThAr2 lamp exchanged (old S/N B00857, new B68775)
2010-04-14 CryoTiger #3 (WiFSIP, S/N CM06241-0405) installed and connected, pressure is 215 psi
2010-03-31 ThAr2 lamp defect, changed to ThAr1
2010-03-10 replaced both Halogen lamps (without real need to…)
2010-01-03 Cryotiger #1 (SES, S/N CM05569-0903) replaced with Cryotiger #2 (SES, S/N CM05568-0903). Pressure is 225 psi
2009-12-16 SIGRIST dust monitor dismantled -> Spider invasion
2009-12-16 SES Korrektorplatte (Schmidt Kameera) leicht gekippt -> Geister nun an hoffentlich günstigerer Position
2009-12-15 STELLA-2 Phasenwächter auf STELLA-1 Einstellungen geändert (220 statt 230V, 30 statt 5 sec)
2009-12-15 STELLA-1 motorkabel-Schirm von Stecker entkoppelt
2009-12-14 SES Faser neu justiert
2009-12-14 STELLA-1 M1,M3 cleaned
2009-12-14 AG-unit-1 Seitenwechsel - Fokus sollte nun -10mm sein
2009-12-14 Derotator Teleskop I, Seitenwechsel
2009-06-30 E-Raum Klimaanlage Filter gereinigt
2009-06-30 Drehstifte der großen Klappen v. STELLA-I abgeschliffen & geschmiert
2009-06-30 Softwareupdate STELLA-II (M. Ruder)
2009-06-26 Softwareupdate STELLA-I (M. Ruder)
2009-06-26 Kabel X12 und X6, STELLA-II getauscht
2009-06-25 Kabel X12 und X6, STELLA-I getauscht
2009-05-28 STELLA-1 Fokus-Führungen gereinigt
2009-05-28 STELLA-1 defekte Ader Ölrücklaufpumpe überbrückt
2009-05-28 STELLA-1 Scharnier Spiegelklappe klein geschmiert/geschliffen
2009-05-28 STELLA-1 Öl nachgefüllt (nach Verlust großer Mengen)
2009-04-24 STELLA-2 corrector position corrected with 3.5mm Spacers
2009-04-24 STELLA-1 M2 drive cleaned
2009-04-24 temp[0] = -118.001373 2780
2009-04-23 STELLA-1 M1,M3 cleaned
2009-04-21 SIGRIST dust monitor installed
2009-03-02 STELLA-2 Niveau korrigiert (war ca. 0.08mm off)
2009-03-01 Entfeuchtungs-Granulat SES ausgeheizt
2009-03-01 SES cover geöffnet (AKF gesucht)
2009-03-01 Klimaanlage E-Raum Filter gereinigt
2009-03-01 STELLA-1 Niveau korrigiert (war einige 0.1mm off)
2009-02-28 STELLA-1 Azimut ETEL controller exchange (defect), parameters are probably a bit different from the previous ones
2008-11-02 Cleaned A/C filter & Dehumidifier filter
2008-11-02 ThAr1 exchange S/N B0080 in, S/N B00220 out
2008-10-31 Entfeuchtungs-Granulat SES ausgeheizt
2008-10-29 SES dewar temperature back to normal (-188/-120)
2008-10-27 SES vacuum pumped, Cryotiger pressure is 210 psi
2008-10-09 ThAr1 lamp defect, changed to ThAr2
2008-07-31 STELLA-2 Niveau korrigiert (war ca 0.1mm off)
2008-07-30 STELLA-2 Hydraulik-Oel nachgefuellt (ca 40 Liter)
2008-07-30 STELLA-2 Kabel getauscht (Kabel wieder defekt)
2008-06-02 STELLA-2 Kabelbruch repariert (ungenutzte Ader statt gebrochener verwendet)
2008-06-02 Klimaanlage E-Raum Filter gereinigt
2007-11-21 Optimized calib-light alignment in CalibUnit and AGunit. New exposure times are 13 sec for both flat lamps and 20 sec for both ThAr
2007-11-21 Wasser in UPS nachgefuellt
2007-11-21 CalibUnit neu justiert, Motor Parameter geaendert
2007-11-20 ThAr Netzteile nun mit Strom-Ueberwachung versehen
2007-11-20 ThAr2 Lampe getauscht
2007-11-20 ThAr-Lampennetzteil 2 getauscht (das alte nr.1)
2007-08-24 Klimaanlage E-Raum Filter-counter reset
2007-08-23 Cryotiger not at correct temperature
2007-08-23 Ethernet wire from archive to TelescopeRack1 (to run Pilar on archive)
2007-08-23 Update archive to Debian 4.0/ Java 1.5, downgrade to 1.4 because of xml problems
2007-08-22 Power to Cryo etc. (see reset switch) now from Gallaxy UPS
2007-08-22 Reset switch for Cryotiger/Allsky/shutter/calibration unit installed
2007-08-22 Reset switch of AGunit correctly wired
2007-08-22 ETEL Controller Alt STELLA 2 Motor-current-P parameter decreased
2007-08-21 ETEL Controller Alt STELLA 2 exchanged
2007-08-20 ThAr Power supply connections checked
2007-07-24 ETEL Controller Alt STELLA 2 defekt, zur Reparatur nach D
2007-07-24 Cryotiger at normal Temp. again
2007-07-20 CUO CCD pumped
2007-07-19 ThAr-Lampennetzteil 1 getauscht
2007-07-19 ThAr1 & ThAr2 Lampen getauscht
2007-07-17 Klimaanlage E-Raum Filter gereinigt
2007-03-30 ThAr2 defekt, stellen auf ThAr1 um
2007-03-21 STELLA-I port 2&3 vertauscht (kabel lt. Schaltplan-Aenderung getauscht)
2007-03-21 SES cryotiger pressure 210 psi
2007-03-21 SES cryotiger cleaned
2007-03-21 CUO CCD pumped
2007-03-20 STELLA-1 software update
2007-03-20 STELLA-2 encoder tuned
2006-12-14 AG-I Beam splitter flipped
2006-12-14 AG-I & SES Fiber coupling adjusted
2006-12-14 Fan exchange & air filter exchange on master/ses/fire
2006-09-09 STELLA-I M1 and M-3 cleaned
2006-01-31 SES cryotiger pressure 210 psi